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Future Capability

We provide strategic guidance, hands-on support, and tailored solutions to help regions, routes and the industry prepare their people for the future railway.

We’re committed to helping organisations:

  • Remove the challenge of strategic people development planning, allowing leaders to focus on immediate operational priorities.
  • Develop internal capability and operational expertise to realise business plans.

About us:

  • From Business Case Development – with our in-house expertise with Treasury Government Green Book process – to Consultancy and Scoping services, our end-to-end engagement includes Business Change and Project/Programme Management support to ensure the strategies and solutions we deliver are led by a single point of contact throughout.
  • We’ve established a team of world-class Technical Training Specialists that are supporting critical system upgrades and the introduction of new digital railway systems and technologies.
  • Business Intelligence: helping you see the bigger picture. We offer a personalised view of the business landscape and market conditions to identify future training requirements and mitigate risk.
  • Business Performance and Excellence: Our expert practitioners deliver tailored solutions to help teams unlock their potential to maximise performance, increase capacity, reduce costs and improve customer service levels. We provide Training, Specialist Intervention, Facilitation (events, meetings and workshops), mentoring and coaching. Did you know? We hold the Lean Competency System (LCS) accreditation for continuous improvement - an industry first.

Rolling out new technology on today’s railway is a highly complex and tightly governed process, which often requires bespoke project management expertise. We provide:

  • Embedded support
  • Competence Framework Design
  • Project Planning & Integration
  • Risk and financial management
  • Strategic Workforce Planning

No other training provider (in the UK or globally) has provided L&D solutions and delivered training for:

  • Three different forms of Traffic Management Systems (TMS)
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • Incident management systems (IMS)
  • The European Train Control System (ETCS)

Enabling People and Business Performance:

Network Rail Enabling People and Business Performance

Find out more about our services and expertise by emailing FutureCapabilityDevelopment@networkrail.co.uk

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August 2020