Interactive Course Route Map (Beta)

Network Rail's Interactive Course Route Map (Beta)

This page is currently in development but feel free to try it out. Please note that your search results may not be 100% accurate while we are working on this page.

Please enter your course name in the course search box below, to find out what prerequisites qualifications are required to allow you to attend your selected training course. As you start entering your course name, a predetermined list of our courses will appear. Please select your course from that list. Once selected, press the search button to view the search results. The 'Prerequisites Qualifications' column will show you the prerequisites qualifications you need to hold before applying for that course. If you do not hold all of the prerequisite qualifications, click on the orange prerequisite qualification box that you do not hold, to show you what course you need to take to obtain that qualification. Click the 'More Details' button to take you to the full course details page in our Network Rail training brochure.